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September 30, 2012


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So, when I volunteered to take pictures of tailgates this weekend for KSR College, I was excited. I just got a new iPhone for my birthday on Wednesday (holla) and was planning on capturing many a moment in a UK students life during a football tailgate. This dream all came crashing down when Satan…..I mean Eli Capilouto, sent out that demoralizing email banning all fun and festivities in the student tailgate areas. This definitely hindered the gameday atmosphere, and well…..just look….

Tara was salty…



AND THEN………………….this happened…………

Our own Tara Bilby was violently picked up and twirled around the parking lot by the KY Rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Willow. Yup. This game brought out the worst in everyone.

But, all jokes aside….not even looking at this from an alcoholic college student’s point of view just trying to tailgate and have a good time (which I’m not, mom and dad)…yesterday was pathetic. I knew it was gonna be empty, I was aware. But actually walking through the place where the student tailgate SHOULD have been was a whole nother story. It was dead silent, a ghosttown. If this was to happen at ANY other SEC school, there would be a revolt. Yeah…Ole Miss sucks at football but look at their tailgates….

Do I agree something should have been done? Yes, the fights that happened last time should not be a norm for the student tailgate section. But in all the seconds of that video, a police officer is never seen. I think there should have been increased security around the bowl for safety reasons…but to take away the whole shabang….a crime. Think: if a South Carolina fan came to Lexington for their first every UK football game yesterday…and saw that….they would have laughed. It was simply embarrassing for the institution and the program as a whole.

2 Responses to “STUDENT TAILGATE PICTURES….oh wait”

  1. Tara Bilby Says:

    Was making the picture that big necessary Wilder…

  2. Larry Says:

    The students had a boycott. The police and University were so happy everyone got the message but the students just said forget it. SO to drink, you pay for a parking pas. To drink inside the stadium you pay more by getting a suite. Is it legally to smoke and drink on state property? Oh well. Pay to play(drink)

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