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December 19, 2012

Looking Ahead: UC Santa Barbara

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The Hoops topped their first California team last night, but who is next on their California trip?  They will tip off against UC Santa Barbara on Friday (if the world has not ended yet).  The Gauchos, no not the weird pants silly it’s their mascot, should be no problem for the Hoops to top.  Their record stands at a rather unimpressive 4-6.  Let’s take a look at some of their key players.


Sweets Underwood

I could not make a name like this up if I tried.  Somewhere, Wilder Treadway is laughing…  Underwood, who is a senior forward for the Gauchos, has the highest average shooting percentage at 53.4% from the field.  She averages 11.7 points per game, and also averages 8.7 rebounds per game.  She has started every game this season, so expect to see her out there.  She also averages the most minutes played per game.


Nicole Nesbit

Nesbit is a junior guard for the team.  She has started 9 of the past 10 games, but I’m not sure why.  She has a low shooting percentage at 29.8, and has a 0.9 assist to turnover ratio.  I suppose even with those low stats, she still does average 9.5 PPG, and does shoot 89.7% from the free throw line.


Kirsten Tilleman

Tilleman is the Guachos senior center, but looking at her stats, I find it hard to believe.  She also has started every game, but somehow only averages 4.4 points per game… look for outside shooting with this team folks.  She has a decent rebound per game average, with 7.1, but overall, I’m looking at a plethora of statistics that are less than post worthy.  This team should be a complete blowout for the Hoops.  Time to enjoy their vacation… I mean trip to California to play some decent teams?


Sorry Gauchos, you’re about to be so last season. <<see what I did there?!


I’m embarrassed with how I ended this post.  @KSR_allHAYL

2 Responses to “Looking Ahead: UC Santa Barbara”

  1. Wilder Treadway Says:

    Laughing so hard

  2. gauchoguidoguy Says:

    gaucho pants are still in style, sister

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