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January 11, 2013

Texas A&M: The New Kentucky Rival

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Coach Stoops supporting the Hoops!


The Hoops topped the Aggies last night in what was the most eventful game of the season.  The Hoops came out somewhat slow, but ended up topping the Aggies in a battle to the end, with a final score of 65-62.  The Hoops and Aggies both played an extremely physical and fast paced game that kept the crowd on their feet and the players sliding all over the floor for the ball.  Between the hard fouls, technical calls, and important baskets late in the game, it seemed like it could have been either team’s game.  Let’s take a closer look into how the Hoops overcame the Aggies for this victory.



The Hoops came out somewhat slow, but ended up relying on a few key players for most of their points and rebounds.  A’dia Mathies put up an astounding 23 points and 3 rebounds, which surely impressed the WNBA scouts on press row.  Jennifer O’Neil had 15 points, while DeNesha Stallworth concluded the game with 12 points.  Samarie Walker had 11 rebounds, which was  more than anyone else on the team.  Jennifer O’Neil also had 8 assists tonight, and Coach Blair noted her as a huge factor in the outcome of the game.




The Texas A&M Aggies relied heavily on their “big girl,” Kelsey Bone, who had 27 points and 15 rebounds against the Hoops.  Bone seemed to be unstoppable underneath the basket, but Stallworth and Walker played her hard and tight, and Janee Thompson even got a steal from her when she brought the ball a bit too low after a board.  Bellock also put up a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds.  The Aggies’ Coach Blair was great in the press conference, and I can only describe his demeanor as charming. Coach Blair stated that “It is hard to simulate that pressure against your own team” and credited the winter break with the fatigue his team suffered later in the game.



During the press conference, head coach Matthew Mitchell could only be described with a corny verb, such as “stoked” or “jazzed.”  As he took his seat, he commended that it was “a terrific victory for us” and that “the crowd gave us tremendous energy.”  As always, Coach Mitchell stated his respect for the opponent and mentioned several fantastic plays by Texas A&M.  Coach Mitchell commented that Janee Thompson is “supremely talented” and also hinted that the BBN will be seeing more of her over the coming games.  My favorite quote of the night was when Mitchell said “We found another gear, we found another level,” and I honestly got instant excitement goosebumps with anticipation for upcoming games.




Tonight, the Hoops passed the all time record for home wins, and for that, we HAVE to congratulate them from everyone here at KSR!!  Congrats Ladies, we know you’re going places!! (namely the final four)…


Make sure you join the Hoops on Sunday at 1:30 as they tip off against the other new SEC team, Mizzou!!


Until then, enjoy this, and try to keep your squealing to a minimum.  #oinkoink @KSR_allHAYL



PS: Check this video out.  Coach Blair calls Wilder out when I prod him to ask another question… “come’ on rookie.”  Also, Blair jokes about Billy G.  It’s a win.


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  1. Wilder Treadway Says:

    I’m weak hahaha watch Kelsey Bone’s face the entire time

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