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January 14, 2013

BBN:: Get Behind This Team

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It simply wouldn’t be right for me to make my first post on the site without first giving a shout out to Matt, Drew, Tyler, and the rest of the KSR family. Having been a fan of the radio show and the site for years, I cannot express how grateful and excited I am to join the team.

Now, about those Cats…

Look, I get it. We’re supposed to win every game by 30 points, no matter the opponent. Those expectations are part of what separates the BBN from any other fan base in America. It is no secret that this years team has struggled throughout the majority of the 2012-2013 campaign. The early struggles were to be expected, but after two games into the SEC schedule, we simply haven’t seen the improvement from a few key players (namely Alex Poythress and Kyle Wiltjer) that could take this team to the next level. I hate being a Negative Nancy, but this team just isn’t that good at this point in the season.

With that being said, I refuse to believe that this team can’t still be a contender by season’s end. The problem is the Cats now have to find a way to build a respectable resume. Is that possible with the remainder of the schedule? Only time will tell, but I trust that Coach Cal will continue to work effortlessly with this team until they reach their potential. Obviously, there are a few glaring weaknesses that we have talked about over and over again (offensive rebounding, lack of a perimeter defender), but if Indiana and Louisville are the two best teams in college basketball, then i see no reason why the Cats can’t make a run late in the season, a la 2010-2011.

It is important to remember that most of these players are 18 or 19 years old and still maturing, both physically and mentally. Not every team is as special as last year’s team (or next year’s team) and thus we must have patience. As a fan base, we should never settle for anything less than the best of what these players have to offer and I find comfort in knowing that the sky can be the limit for this team once they “buy-in.” Sure, it’s easy to start panicking, but I see the potential in this team and I refuse to do anything but stand behind them and I believe the rest of BBN should do the same. Until Coach Cal stops saying “I like my team,” lets support them and trust that they will become the team that we have envisioned from day one. It starts tomorrow with the Vols.



2 Responses to “BBN:: Get Behind This Team”

  1. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Good post. I’m in total agreement. I’m excited about what this team may yet become. I could point out a lot of things that give me optimism that they will be a real force to be reckoned with in a month or two. And if they don’t, so be it. They’re trying their best. That is plenty enough for me.

  2. markky Says:

    anyone who ignores the facts stated above has experienced alot of being spoiled and little patience. nice job boy…..

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