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January 14, 2013

KSR College’s Golden Blog Awards

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Yesterday marked two important events: the Golden Globe awards and, more excitingly to me, the start of KSR College’s anniversary week. You know how some people are so egotistical that they declare a “birthday week” for themselves, because one day just ISN’T enough to celebrate their majestical existence? Well, I’m going to be like that, but for KSR College. This thing is my baby and even when I turned 21, I didn’t have a birthday week. I earned this.


Anyway, to commemorate the Golden Globes/KSRCollege anniversary overlap, I’ve taken the time to hand out The First, Maybe Annual, If Someone Decides to Do It Next Year, KSR College Golden Blog Awards. The awards were voted on by me, because this blog is a meritocracy dictatorship. Problems? Fight it out in the comments.


Best drama: #8. Obviously. The entire season was nothing short of magical. Before he became a big shot at ESPN, John Wilmhoff wrote about the Top Reasons Kentucky Won the National Championship. Take a trip back to happier basketball times.

Runner up: #LexingtonPolice Scanner

Best actor: Anthony Davis swept the awards leading up to this event- honestly, there are too many to list- and we won’t snub him. His performance in 2012 was called “incandescent” by the voters (me). Nick Roush analyzed the big guy’s year in comparison with other UK greats here.

Best actress: A’dia Mathies is the superstar of the Top 5 UK Hoops squad. Last year she was named an All-American, and she’s expected to clean up at awards ceremonies this season as well. Read Hayley Minogue’s coverage of Mathies and the Hoops squad against Texas A&M here.

Supporting actor: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was the glue guy of last year’s basketball team, supporting his brothers during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast again. Children in the Commonwealth now grow up asking themselves, “What Would Michael Kidd-Gilchrist do?” During halftime of the Wildcats’ game at Tennessee last year, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist entered the locker room perturbed. More than perturbed- he was MAD, and he let his teammates know it by delivering one of the greatest halftime speeches in the history of Kentucky basketball. In MKG Has a Dream, I imagined how that speech went down.

Best comedy or musical: Interestingly enough, the winner in this category claims she was inspired by the 2012 Golden Globes. Ladies and gentlemen, Ally Tucker manages to combine both musical AND comedy in her January 18, 2012 video post “Save A Cardinal Today.”


NOT Runner Up: The Fray’s National Anthem at the NCAA Championship Game.

Best director: While John Calipari is the runaway favorite for this award, I wanted to switch things up and feature Matthew Mitchell, who doesn’t get enough love as head coach of the more-successful-than-the-men-right-now women’s basketball team. Remember UK Hoops’ last second victory over Louisville earlier this season? I think Wilder and Hayley still have elevated heart rates from it. Check out Matthew Mitchell’s halftime speech to get yourself psyched for the rest of the week:




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