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January 14, 2013

Wall and Bledsoe: Together Again?

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It’s a story that’s destined to become a Disney movie. Two point guards commit to play for the same college. Tough questions inevitably arise about who will start and how the minutes will be split up. Society tells them that only one point guard can be on the court at a time. But these two players put it all on the line and form a dynamic dual-point guard backcourt. Games are won, memories are made, but they soon find out that all good things must come to an end. Both players are drafted into the NBA on separate teams, destined to never player together again.


Alright, maybe this story isn’t quite worthy of the big screen. But if it is it’ll need to be directed by M. Night Shyamalan because there might be a twist at the end of this one. Greg Price of the International Business Times wrote yesterday that the Clippers might look to deal Eric Bledsoe before the February 21st deadline. ESPN is also reporting that the Wizards have inquired into Bledsoe’s availability. Bledsoe provides a great spark off the bench but when you have Chris Paul you really don’t have a huge need for a backup point guard. Bledsoe’s small contract also makes him a desirable trade target. Let’s just hope the Wizards can throw together some decent enough players to make the trade happen.


Before we know it the two of them could be doing more of this, except in Wizards jerseys.




One Response to “Wall and Bledsoe: Together Again?”

  1. Brennan English Says:

    Please let this be so. I need some motivation to endure watching the Wizards.

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