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January 14, 2013

Monday Basketball Roundup: The Morning After The Morning After Edition

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Get it? Yesterday I used Hangover 1, and that’s Hangover 2? Nevermind, my sense of humor isn’t for everyone. Onto the news.


If you’re hoping for good news on the Cats from the national media, don’t hold your breath. Seriously. I can’t even look ESPN in the eye right now. The same network that gave us All Access is now using UK and NIT in the same sentence, while also getting in bed with the Louisvilles of the college basketball world. The national media as a whole is like Jessica from Homeland, except 7 years haven’t gone by, and there’s not a realistic chance that we’ve been decapitated in an al-Qaeda prison camp somewhere.


-Adding insult to injury, who do you think the worldwide leader named national player of the week? Yep, Elston Turner. Honestly though, bitterness aside, the kid deserved it. He went off, and you gotta hand it to him for that. Congrats, Elston.


Rick Pitino want his currents Cards team to be more like Kentucky. Well, obviously, we’re Camelot. Specifically though, he wants them to play more like his national championship-winning ’96 team. Again, obviously. They absolutely smashed teams. And it’s not like he had any Celtics teams for them to emulate, because he was an awful, awful, awful NBA coach.


-Another day, another big night in the NBA for a former Cat. After bouncing around for the better part of two years, DeAndre Liggins was finally given a shot to prove himself, and he did not disappoint. Liggins got the start for OKC last night, and he played a team high 40 minutes, chipping in 11 points and 9 boards.


-Last, but not least, Cal just wrapped up his teleconference, and offered some insight and what our chances are going forward, and specifically about the need for the team to buy in:


The only thing that brings about a change is crisis. I’m hoping it’s Texas A&M, but it may not be. We may need to get hit on the chin three or four more times before they look at each other and say, ‘It’s not working this way.’ You can tell a young man, ‘This is how you have to play for us to win,’ and he may look at that and say ‘It’s not how I want to play.’ But he’ll nod yes, ‘OK, I’ll do it, I’ll do it,’ but in the crunch of the game he doesn’t do it, which is…It costs you. There’s no one here — I’ve got great kids. They want to please me, and they are looking for affirmation. There’s no question, but it’s the point of totally buying in to how you have to play…


We’ve got some guys here – they’re good kids, it’s just part of buying in means you’ve got to change how you play and you’ve got to play harder, you’ve got to compete more and you’ve got to do it full possessions. They’ve never done that, so it’s what we’re going through. Again, that’s part of the growth of a team and especially a young team like we have.”


Alright, that’s pretty much it for the UK basketball news today. Watch the new ESPN commercial below, featuring our own Rajon Rondo, if you’re in need of a laugh. I know I am.


Go Cats.




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