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January 14, 2013

What’s Up With “Wilt the Stilt”? An Open Letter to Kyle Wiltjer.

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How are things going today Kyle? Maybe just a little too cold outside today for your liking maybe? Don’t blame you man, it is quite nippy today at a balmy 28 degrees. Anyway I’ve noticed you’ve been struggling a bit on the court here recently, which confuses a young soul like me. My main goal is to try and figure out why you are in your funk right now. As is evident by the team this year, we need to find a leader to take us back to the holy ground that is the Final Four for the 3rd straight year. You want to know something else too Kyle? I believe it could it be YOU. However if this is to happen you need to snap out of this cold streak you have been riding since SEC play started. Now yes I do realize that everybody has their bad days, but man that Texas A&M was not great at all for you my man. In fact, the past two games you have only scored one basket along with no three pointers at all. That saddens me deeply Kyle. I know for a fact you can hit threes like there is no tomorrow! I mean just look back at the Lipscomb game, where you went 7-9 from behind the arc and 8-12 from the field. Like in that game Kyle you literally went harder in the paint than Waka Flocka could ever imagine! So what’s the problem bucko? Personally I believe it is your confidence in the past few games that has gotten to you. Now I could be completely wrong about that, but I just want you to remember that there is a reason us here in the Big Blue Nation wanted to get you so bad. So here is what I say you do tonight:

1)      Go get yourself a nice seafood dinner (Bonus points if you get the reference).

2)      Re-watch the Elite Eight game against Ohio State from 2011 (You know, the one where your boy Jorts played a game of dodgeball off of Jared Sullinger’s chest). That should set off a spark in you for sure!

3)      After all of that, get yourself a nice night’s sleep before tomorrow’s hopeful thrashing of Tennessee.


If you do all of that I single handedly guarantee you will transform into the monster that you were meant to be. When you do make your glorious transformation into the beast of the southeast, I want to see a Perry Stevenson type of dunk from you tomorrow such as the one below.


Kyle, the Big Blue Nation cannot wait for your return to 3 goggle glory tomorrow, so go get em’ big fella!



2 Responses to “What’s Up With “Wilt the Stilt”? An Open Letter to Kyle Wiltjer.”

  1. Kyle wiltjer Says:

    Thank you Mr. Jourdan, your confidence in me has inspired me to go bananas tomorrow versus Tennessee. I hope you and the big blue nation are ready for some 3 goggle madness.

  2. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Everyone knows what everyone else should be doing and I am definitely no different. So, here is my ‘expert’ advice to Kyle. You’ve got to get the shot off quicker. If you get left alone you’ll knock down the trey every time; but you are not going to get left alone. Other teams have seen what happens to them when you are free. When you do get the ball you’re only going to have a fraction of a second, at most, to get your shot away. You have to be able to do that. One motion; catch and shoot. And secondly, you have to work harder to get open. You’ve got to outwork your defender. After watching Perry Stevenson do some watching of J. J. Reddick. He works tirelessly to get free enough to get a pass. And when he gets the ball he lets it go fast. So does Ray Allen. You’ve got height over both of those guys. You can do it too.

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