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January 14, 2013

Roush’s Rants

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Taking a break from normal posting to amuse you with a wide variety of topics. It’s like news and views, except less basketball related (had to do it, can’t let a loss get me down). It will do many things but I can promise it won’t put you to sleep. Enjoy and criticize as you please. @RoushKSR

Did ESPN really do that?

Today ESPN did something that should make people’s heads explode. Nothing will happen because it is the almighty ESPN, but their attempt to capitalize on the RGIII media sensation has gone too far. In the midst of Martin Luther King Day, ESPN/Outside the Lines is doing a special program to discuss RGIII’s importance as a black QB in the NFL and how he emulates MLK’s Dream. There is so much that is so wrong with all of this that I have to make a list!

1. Rob Parker was suspended indefinitely fired as co-host of ESPN2’s First Take after bringing up the very topic of his “blackness” on the show. He said it in a stupid way, but now THEY ARE BRINGING THE TOUCHY SUBJECT IT BACK UP! They may think they are doing it delicately, but they are completely contradicting themselves, using Michael Wilbon as a credible source as a fall-back.

2. Russell Wilson is a black rookie QB in the NFL. He played in a playoff game yesterday. RGIII was on an operating table last week. Is Russell Wilson not black enough for you ESPN? They never gave Mike Vick or Hall of Famer Warren Moon programs that featured comparisons to MLK.

3. ESPN aired Parker’s comments in the promo. The producers also knew what Parker was going to say before the FirstTake episode hit the air.


 Laugh with James Franco

“My f-ing cat died! I didn’t know that he was gonna die and I didn’t get to say goodbye. My dad came and told me some stupid story about how he drowned a bunch of kittens when he was a baby, AND THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. That made me cry even more.”

It makes much more sense if you listen to the end of this song. You can thank Kristen Geil.


Yeah, I’m going to talk about UK

In the midst of all of this recruiting hullabaloo surrounding Mark Stoops and your Wildcat Football team, people haven’t really taken the time to compare his class with others. Well lucky for you, a Rivals columnist compared Stoops’ vs. Stong’s 2012 recruiting classes. Big Blue Nation, hold on to your seatbelts. I have had to hear my friends yap about Sugar Bowl this, James Quick that, well LISTEN TO THIS LOUISVILLE FANS: UK’s class is currently ranked 49th in the country by Rivals while the Sugar Bowl Champs are #57. Stoops ain’t even close to being done either Little Brother.

Bet you haven’t seen something like this before



Henry Clay would be pissed

Today President Obama held a press conference upon the conclusion of his first term as a President. One of the topics included talks for raising the debt ceiling with that will pick up in February. My roommate calls this “Fiscal Cliff 3.0”, citing the ridiculousness at the end of 2012 and the summer. The media will annoy me frequently with sound bites from stubborn career politicians. There is little compromise, and when there is compromise one side is still bitching and moaning. These talks ALWAYS happen in politics, but luckily we can escape to the sports world.


Wait no we can’t. Millionaire athletes and billionaire owners have spent the last 3 years bickering to the point of strike, with the fans left as victims. The NHL just ended their labor dispute last week, losing 34 of their 82 games. The NFL referees remained stubborn until replacement refs nearly altered a regular season after the late-game debacle between the Packers and Seahawks. The summer of 2011 may have been the worst 3 months to watch Sportscenter EVER during the NFL lockout. No games were missed, but missed training camps made an obvious impact in the game. Last year NBA players spent more time playing basketball in Lexington during the fall than anywhere else, when players were locked out until Christmas Day.


As a political science major and son of a local history buff, I call to mind Kentucky’s greatest statesman Henry Clay. Known as the “Great Compromiser” for settling congressional disputes, most notably the Missouri Compromise. Clay was nearly President three times, coming closest in the Election of 1824 (for people like me, it’s the coolest one you’ll ever study, especially the part where Clay makes deals in Congress to keep Andrew Jackson from becoming President). We could use a Henry Clay right about meow; I’m sick and tired of elitists bickering while the common man suffers.

“Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees. And both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.”

5 Responses to “Roush’s Rants”

  1. poopstick420 Says:


  2. Tinsley Says:

    Perry Stevenson was a sub at my school, get on my level

  3. Tinsley Says:


  4. kentuckyjoe Says:

    I’m afraid you may get some light reprimanding for putting politics on the board but not from me. I love it. Politics is my bloodsport of choice; some like football, some like boxing, give me politics. And for sure; there isn’t much compromising going on. It’s just one side trying to make the other side look bad. It’s create a big problem and then try to make sure the other side gets the blame. It’s the American way. Read Tom Friedman in yesterday’s NYT.

  5. Jesse Pinkman Says:

    Yo that shit was dope…

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