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January 15, 2013

A Diamond in the Rough

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I hate that my first post to the site has to carry such a negative tone, but I HAVE to have a venue through which to vent about the absolutely horrid week in sports I just had.  I’ll admit publicly that I still haven’t digested the fact that Notre Dame sent their JV squad to the National Championship last Monday, and I’ll further confess that I am still subject to a lot (no seriously, A LOT) of grief stemming from Hurricane Saban which struck the city of Miami on January 8th.  Then came the Vandy game which, to be completely honest, I have chosen to block from memory.  It’s been discussed, time to move on.  On Sunday, I was forced to watch Peyton Manning end his season on behalf of Joe Flacco and the Ravens.  Yes you read that correctly, Joe Flacco, Not Tom Brady, knocked Peyton out of the playoffs.

And then there was Saturday, aka the Elston Turner show…. just, wow.  OK, I think that’s enough negativity for one night.

Saturday at Rupp Arena was undoubtedly the most tragic happening in this series of unfortunate events, and a lot has been said about the aspects of the Cat’s game that is lacking.  Yes, this team is still searching for identity, and yes, this team still shows their youth.  However, there was one absolute gem that could be taken from Saturday’s  game: Nerlens Noel is a grown man, and is starting to show signs of becoming the go-to guy on this team.

It’s been stated a few times, but let me repeat his stat line one more time: 15 points, 11 rebounds, 7 blocks, 6 assists, and 4 steals.  Homeboy about messed around and got a QUADRUPLE-Double.  Although the the performance by the newest cat killer Elston Turner was a total work of art, it’s a real shame that it had to shadow the effort put out by the Wildcat Center.  Let’s be honest, the freshman phenom put up video game numbers and seems to be the only player on the team that gets the admiration of his coach.  Nerlens is heading in the right direction, and is becoming exactly what this young team needs so desperately: A leader.

His, is an example that the rest of the team would be wise to embrace whereas the bubble team rumors are becoming louder and louder.  It’s never too late to turn the season around, but this young team cannot drop any more games at home and are going to have to conquer hostile environments on the road if an NIT showdown with North Carolina is to be avoided. 

Keep the faith…


7 Responses to “A Diamond in the Rough”

  1. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Nerlens Noel is the love child of Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. If you can get past that rather unsavory image you realize that he is a combination of those two players. I could write paragraphs comparing and contrasting but that is unnecessary. Just let it suffice to say he has the post/defensive skills of AD and motor of MKG, actually maybe a better motor. And that ain’t bad. And it may be so much that it is all we need to get to a super high level this year.

  2. William Palmer Says:

    That’s right baby. Hurrican Saban went into town and did about 2 billion dollars worth of damage. Roll Tide! But hey things could be worse, you could be a bengals fan. Insightful post my friend.

  3. Bilbo From The Shire Says:

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!! Have fun with mediocrity the next few years, Brain Kelly. Don’t worry though, the Cats will be fine by March.

  4. Wilson Rawlings Says:

    See, this is what I’m talking about. The grief from the National Championship will never leave me alone. But… at least I’m not a Bengals fan. It can always be worse I suppose.

  5. Ms. J.C. Ausmus Says:

    Great post Erik! Nerlens has a never-die attitude that desperately needs to spread like the flu on to the rest of the team. If not, they could very well end up in the NIT (PLEASE NO!). It’s time to buckle down.

  6. supermemey Says:

    It certainly has been a tough season for all, especially coming off last year’s high – this year’s team seems like they are still trying to find their way, or at least some way to connect as a team. Maybe Nerlens will be the conduit that makes that happen – nice post 😉

  7. Lobster Says:

    No need to be such a Negative Nancy on your first post.

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