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January 15, 2013

The Many (Off Putting) Facial Hair Styles of Skylar McBee

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“That just plain looks wrong”

Well gang we are just about two hours out before the Cats and the Vols play in Rupp Arena. It’s usually about this time that I start getting my UK gear on, find my student ticket for the game, and if I am really feeling frisky maybe some obligatory blue face paint. However since the UK Basketball lottery gods decided to stick one over on ole Nick I just figure a post is in the cards today. Anyway in case you didn’t know Tennessee has a player on their team that has a knack for creeping out kids like that old man that lived down the street from you when you were younger. Senior Skylar McBee has some of the most off putting facial hair I have ever seen a D1 college athlete wear. I feel like it is only right that I show my KSR College brethren the many off putting facial hair styles McBee has rocked for that team down south in orange. So without further to do and no offense to Skylar’s family, I present the following.


Is it wrong that I half expected Scooby Doo to pop out right behind him? He looks like Shaggy if the gang told Shaggy to stop doing drugs and pick up a basketball instead along with growing a mustache. I mean it’s not the most displeasing thing I have ever seen, but it does ruin Scooby Doo for me for now on. Thanks Skylar!


Wow look how old you are getting Skylar! That young boy mustache is really going to grow into something big one day Junior! Hey at least the Shaggy goatee hasn’t made it’s appearance yet thank heavens.


If you need help for your Diabeetus, call Liberty Medical….”

The similarities between Skylar and the Diabeetus guy Wilford Brimley along with a walrus is striking. Now ladies and gentlemen you will see what a big thick mustache look like after years of development from the man Skylar himself.


“Wait…….. what?” Exactly what I was thinking Mr. McBee! This is why you should shave that Caterpillar off of your face, it makes you have that creepy uncle look man. So in the famous words of Keyshawn Johnson, “C’Mon Man!” 

Of course this is KSR after all, so I feel obligated to leave you with a picture of our man Jorts rocking a stache’ THE RIGHT WAY (Take note Skylar).



4 Responses to “The Many (Off Putting) Facial Hair Styles of Skylar McBee”

  1. Emannuel Says:

    He ratchet!

  2. kentuckyjoe Says:

    I only ‘know’ one other person named Skylar. And this other person’s last name is Diggins. And she is a she. And she has far better hair than McBee. And is a far better looking. And most of all; she’s a far better basketball player. For Notre Dame as it was.

  3. kentuckyjoe Says:

    and no facial hair which alone puts her ahead of McBee in the looks department.

  4. Si Robertson Says:

    That Guys tattoo behind him ironically says Kracker..lol

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