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January 16, 2013

Louisville is to Kentucky as Auburn is to Alabama

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With Louisville experiencing an AP No. 1 ranking for the first time in its history, our Cardinal cousins (ok maybe second cousins) are quite pleased with themselves. Gregg Doyel wrote an article praising Pitino for this historic regular season. He claims with the dynastic run Calipari is having in the Commonwealth, it should have been impossible.

What Rick Pitino has done at Louisville isn’t impossible, but it should have been. The Cardinals aren’t the top basketball program in their state. Sometimes not even in their city. But they’re No. 1 in the country?

Getting there now, in that state, with Kentucky in the middle of a run historians will remember as dynastic, is absurd. Never mind that Kentucky is unranked at the moment and not assured of reaching the NCAA tournament. The Wildcats have made two consecutive Final Four appearances, and next season — when those new freshmen arrive –they’ll be favored to get there again. This is a dynasty we’re watching unfold, even if this is a down season we’re watching crumple.

It is possible for a Kentucky fan to enjoy reading a piece about Rick Pitino. This feels like the 90s…

Even when they’re at their best (in history), Louisville just can’t win. Enjoy this season Cardinal fans. It is an anomaly. Pitino will always play second fiddle to John Calipari, just as Gus Malzahn, or whoever may follow him, will to Nick Saban.

The analogy works. Saban is the Calipari of college football. Alabama is the Kentucky. And Auburn is the Louisville — great programs with national championships of their own, absolutely, but still the second program in their own state.



I don’t think Louisville fans like hearing this…




So while we may have a frustrating season on our hands, I’m with Doyel. The future is bright. We are Kentucky. They are Louisville. Calipari will continue to bring in top recruits, vie for championships, and develop kids to play in the NBA. Pitino will have success, with guys like Peyton Siva becoming more bearable to watch after four years, but he will never touch what’s happening at Kentucky. Not consistently at least. No matter what, like Auburn, Louisville will always be in second place.

And something tells me Calipari wouldn’t mind the Alabama-Kentucky analogy either.



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