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January 18, 2013

RIP Tyrone Lawson

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On this sunny Friday afternoon I have one simple message: keep it on the court. On Wednesday this unfortunately was not the case, as 17 year old Tyrone Lawson was shot multiple times after a high school basketball game. The two teams involved were Simeon and Morgan Park, both being Chicago teams. Simeon is of course where the number two overall player of the 2013 class plays (Jabari Parker). The tragedy occurred in the parking lot of Chicago State University’s stadium, where the game was played. Players from both teams were held in their respective locker rooms for safety reasons. Two suspects have been arrested, and a hand gun has been recovered. I understand rivalries, but there is no need for them to break into violence where lives end up being lost.

Have a great weekend and remember to watch the Cats take on the Auburn Tigers tomorrow night at 9 pm on ESPNU



5 Responses to “RIP Tyrone Lawson”

  1. kentuckyjoe Says:

    So sad and unnecessary. When I first read this I said, Benjy Wilson all over again. But then I realized that Tyrone Lawson was not one of the players. If this had been Jabari Parker instead (God forbid) then it would have been Benjy Wilson all over again.

  2. John Burke Says:


  3. David Mulloy Says:

    Simeon was also the school that Ben Wilson, the top HS basketball player in 1984, attended when he was shot and killed. ESPN made a really good “30 for 30” about him last fall.

  4. SadCat Says:

    Where is our President?
    Does he care about black
    on black violence..

  5. kentuckyjoe Says:

    David, I saw that 30 for 30. It was (is) great. I had forgotten about him and this show reminded me.

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