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January 20, 2013

Sunday Basketball Roundup: The Nerlens Dunking Over Fools Edition

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Well, that was an aaaiiight day of college hoops. Louisville proved they weren’t up to the task of being the hunted, Butler hit an insane buzzer beater, and of course, the Cats won. Just days removed from Cal stating that this team would never “whomp” anyone, UK rolled into Auburn Arena and whomped the Tigers 75-53. It was a sloppy, back and forth first half, but by midway through the second– this was happening.


Uh, bro, you have a human being’s crotch on the top of your head. Just FYI.


And now, the news:



-First things first, here’s a box score for your viewing pleasure. Some of the highlights? 7 blocks for Nerlens, 8 assists for Harrow, and 17 points for Wiltjer. Peruse at your leisure.


-Sir Charles Barkley was in the building last night, and as always, was in rare form once he got behind the mic. He called out Matt Doherty for being old, basically said that every coach and Auburn team pre-Tony Barbee sucked something fierce, and ripped the one and done rule a new one. Oh yeah, he also had something to say about the pro prospects of the current Cats: “John Calipari’s a friend of mine. I love him as a friend. There ain’t one player on this Kentucky team who should go pro early. I hate the one-and-done rule in college basketball. Just ’cause there’s a rule does not mean you have to do it.” I agree on the latter, disagree vehemently on the former. Just look at that GIF, Chuck. Pretty sure Nerlens is ready for the league.


-Auburn played scared and Tony Barbee got out coached. At least that’s what was being said in Auburn locker room during the post game. Given the score though, it’s hard to argue with either of those assessments. John Clay has those soundbites, and more, in his recap of last night’s beat down. 


-For more quotes from Cal himself, head on over to Coachcal.com for their recap. My personal favorite moment from the post game? When asked about the now infamous ‘whomping’ quote, he responded: “Did I say that? Wow!” You sly dog, Cal. You sly, sly dog.



Alright, unless I post another 20 recaps of the Auburn blowout, that’s pretty much it for the news. Happy Sunday, everyone. Go Cats. 




2 Responses to “Sunday Basketball Roundup: The Nerlens Dunking Over Fools Edition”

  1. kentuckyjoe Says:

    It’s fun to think about what we could do if Cal would turn UK into a two-and-done school as Sir Charles suggests. I believe that almost everyone of our players that left after one year would have stayed two if Cal would have encouraged it. I’m not suggesting that he should; only that if he had, they would have stayed. And if they had stayed then I believe UK would be piling up national championships ala UCLA in the 60’s and 70’s.

  2. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Here’s the rule I favor. You’ve never heard it anywhere else and you never will. It’s because it has a zero chance of ever been implemented. I believe that players should be able to go pro any time they want to; even as a sophomore in high school if they are good enough and the league wants them. But, I want them to be able to get their collegiate eligibility back at any time. I would make the athlete make their grades for one semester. If they do that and are enrolled in school as a full time student then they can play on the sports teams. If Kobe wanted to be a college basketball player now, or Lebron, then come on. Don’t forget where you heard it first. And last.

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