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January 20, 2013

War Damn Wildcats

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The University of Kentucky Hoops team crushed Auburn today with a final score of 97-53.  This is the Hoops second consecutive “blow out” game and their 17th consecutive victory at home.  The Hoops had 5 players score in double digits, and DeNesha Stallworth earned herself a double-double with 16 point and 10 rebounds.  Let’s take a closer look at the box scores from today.





My favorite part of a great victory is the great press conference that follows.  Today was no exception to the “blown out angry coach” phenomenon, so you know these quotes are about to be great.  Let’s dive in.


Auburn head coach Terri Williams-Flournoy had a few nasty snide remarks that she felt the need to vent to a press room full of  reporters, here are her top 3 salty quotes of the night.


3. “Are y’all serious? Are you done? You want Matthew to come in here?” When no one jumped down her throat with a bombardment of questions… Sorry you all got killed, not much to ask…

2. “We done?” After answering just one question, then pretty much storming off the stage and back to the locker room to cry some more.

1. “I thought it was pretty un-classy to continue to press when you’re up by 46 points.” Well, we think it’s un-classy for you to even come here if you’re not going to contend.  Thanks, bye.



Well, now that those are finished with, let’s take a closer look at the top 3 UK quotes from tonight..


5. “We felt like we had to step up the pressure again”  A’dia Mathies, who only missed one shot, responded when asked if she thought that continuing to press was unclassy.


4. “We work real hard to get ourselves into a position to play hard.” Coach Mitchell responds when asked about how hard the team works even when they are crushing a team.


3. “I don’t speak to A’dia much, we’re not on good speaking terms…” Coach Mitchell joked with the media when asked about how A’dia Mathies zones out during the games and what he thinks she is thinking about in these situations.


2. “I was only frustrated for 5 minutes today, so that’s 35 I was pretty happy.  That’s a good ratio.” Coach Mitchell on how well his team played today.  #40MINS


1. “If anybody is unfamiliar with how we play, then thats their problem.” Coach Mitchell’s response to Coach Williams-Flournoy’s distaste in the style of Kentucky defense.




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