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January 28, 2013

Meet Your 2013 Preseason All-American’s

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From left to right: Austin Cousino, A.J. Reed, Corey Littrell.


In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, UK baseball is kind of good as shown in the many other posts right here on KSRcollege. So good in fact, that THREE of the guys on the team got preseason All-American honors. So here’s how this article is going to work everyone; I’m going to introduce you all to every player individually cause that’s how I do things you hear me? Anyway let’s kick things off with our man Austin Cousino.


Name: Austin Cousino

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Major Accolades: 2012 SEC Freshman of the Year, Freshman All-American (2012), NCBWA Preseason Third Team All-American (2013).


Good lord you have done a lot in one season my man. Just for starters being the SEC Freshman of the Year is quite amazing, especially where you are the first player in Kentucky Baseball HISTORY to do it. Add to this countless SEC honors as well and you racked up quite the accolades last year. Speaking of last year, let’s take a gander at a few of your stats shall we?  Let’s see… batting average of .319, a solid 142 pullouts in centerfield (No, I’m not going to unload a Rick Pitino joke here either. Have some decency people.), and 41 RBI’s. Now I don’t know about you, but a freshman having a batting avg. of .319 is pretty freaking good. Cousino also reached base in 59 of UK’s 62 games, which translates roughly to a 95% success rate. So yes to say Austin is allowed to brag a bit is just fine by me. Oh my I can’t believe that I almost forgot to mention that Cousino played for the 2012 USA Baseball Collegiate National Team, where he led the team in hitting. Let me say that again, the freshman from Kentucky led a team of some of the best players in college baseball in hitting. Good looks my man, good looks indeed.


Name: A.J. Reed


Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Terre Haute, Indiana

Major Accolades: 2011 draft pick to the New York Mets, Freshman All-American (2012), NCBWA Preseason Third Team All-American (2013).


Dual threat southpaw pitcher and first basemen A.J. Reed is your second All-American in the post today, and he does not disappoint ladies and gentleman. Reed got on teammate Austin Cousino’s level with being selected as a freshman All-American as well. When you look at our man A.J.’s stats you get a sense of why he was selected. Let’s see what our very own dual threat southpaw (Left handed pitcher for those who are terribly confused right now) did. First for his hitting: .300 batting average, 43 RBI’s, and 60 hits just to rattle off a few. That alone is a solid freshman campaign to go off of, but let’s not forget that the boy can throw as well. For his left handed pitching: 2.52 ERA, winning record of 5-3, and 51 strikeouts (K’s). Having an ERA of 2.52 for being a freshman is not too shabby in my own (non expert) opinion. Add in a winning record of games pitched with 51 K’s (Oh and did I mention he’s a left handed pitcher already?!), and you’ve got yourself a star who’s only going to get brighter and better this coming season.


Name: Corey Littrell

Year: Junior

Hometown: The Ville’ (Louisville, Kentucky)

Major Accolades: 2010 draft pick to the Washington Nationals, Louisville Slugger Kentucky High School Player of the Year, All SEC Honors, NCBWA Preseason Third Team All American (2013).


Our final All-American is no other than another southpaw by the name of Corey Littrell, the old man of the three All-American amigos. The left handed junior garnered himself All SEC honors, something only one other wildcat pitcher has been able to do since the grand ole’ year of 1997. Folks that is a … give me a second here … 16 year difference. It was at this time that yours truly was just old enough to try to figure out where in the hell Blue was hiding his clues at, but I digress. Getting back on track let’s take a look at some stats shall we? Our boy Mr. Littrell was quite the pitcher this past year by posting an ERA of 2.74, a fabulous record of 9-2, and a total of 87 strikeouts if my vision is correct. Now the ERA is not bad when you look at it, but the eye popping record of 9-2 is really impressive for the lefty as well (If you can’t tell I have an odd fascination with southpaws, back off bro). Anyway, this coming up season looks like another all star one for our old man and fellow Kentuckian from a city that might or might not exist.


So there you go readers, now you have a very hodgepodge idea of who these three troubadours of the diamond are. With the help of Cousino, Reed, and Littrell, these cats are looking to make this coming up season as magical as a trip to Disneyworld (Minus the long lines, screaming kids, and profusely sweating tourists).


Only 18 days.




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    This is one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever read. You’re not funny, that is all.

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    Very well written article! Keep up the good work!

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    Pullouts? Last time I checked you have putouts in the field, not a shitty alternative to condoms you moron.

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