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February 14, 2012

The Most Awesome Kentucky Collectibles the Internet has to Offer

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Two weeks ago I brought you some of the oddest Kentucky collectibles the internet had to offer. Today we look at the other side of the coin. Kentucky’s history is long and storied therefore there has been a ton of awesome things made throughout the years. Take your mind off the fact the Cats don’t play for five days with some of the most awesome UK Collectables I could find.

Wildcats Heritage Banner-Say you want to put up a Kentucky logo but cant decided which is best. This banner can solve that. You have the 60s wildcat face. The 70s leaping wildcat. The 90’s dedication to Freud and of course today’s logo. Each logo is better than the last. Having them all on one item is why I think this banner is pretty sweet. Seeing the way our logo has evolved over the decades is interesting and would look great hanging in any room. Hang this up before we hang #8 for $21.34.

Sports IllustratedCotton Nash is all that is man. He was an old school athlete who played in both the NBA and MLB. How you ask? Just look at him, he is about to leap off that cover drink all of your booze and steal your woman. All that while beating you in basketball with a dazzling array of hook shots and underhanded tosses. Pure awesomeness. Then you have the Goose, which makes this issue a must own. First you have a pun that writer was sitting on praying Kentucky would win. Then you have a win over Duke forever captured in print. Those issues of SI are awesome and any issue deserves a spot on the shelf.

Pat Riley Cards- Lil Wayne once said that all his friends “got that Heat I feel like Pat Riley.” I can only assume he trying to convey that he and all his friend have enormous mustaches. Look at that thing, it’s incredible! On the left he has the Hulk Hogan and on the right the Tom Selleck. I bet if Pat walked into a bar in the 70s it was game over.  I once wondered why Pat Riley’s jersey hangs in the rafters at Rupp, upon seeing that mustache I now know. Add this mustache to your collection for only a dollar!

Stuffed Dunking WildcatThis is the coolest thing that has been or will be made. Forget Scratch, this Cat should be our new mascot or at least placed in the entrance to Rupp.  Only a Wildcat could be made this awesome. Dunking Cardinal? Impossible. Dunking Bulldog? Stupid. Dunking Spartan? Sweet, but time machines don’t exist. Dunking Orange? Get real, colors can’t dunk! The dunking wildcat is the ultimate in sports collectibles. The stuffed wildcat was sold on craigslist for a cool grand a few years ago, where it is now nobody knows.

I currently own none of these, one day I will have them all. Follow my quest on twitter @ACassady_KSR

Also this isn’t collectible but it is awesome!

H/t @pinpinfordenden & @JDHays21


4 Responses to “The Most Awesome Kentucky Collectibles the Internet has to Offer”

  1. Good advice Says:

    Awesome post, thank you!

  2. Rick Noush Says:

    One of my friends actually owns that first banner with all the logos on it. #GreatMindsThinkAlike

  3. John Wilmhoff Says:

    Is that cloud real? If so, that is amazing, lol

  4. Andrew Cassady Says:

    Exactly Nick!
    Yeah John it was floating over Georgetown this weekend

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