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February 14, 2012


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Alright, my readers of KSRCollege, I’ve got a big time question for all of you and I’d LOVE if we could get a massive amount of answers, so I’d like a vote from as many people as possible so I can further evaluate results in a post later this week.

Here’s the question:  If the Cats DO NOT win a national championship this season, is this season a failure?

To be clear, answering “no” will imply that even if we should lose in the tournament, the season is NOT  failure.  Answering “yes” means that you believe the season is a wash without a national championship and is a big disappointment.

Based on what results I get, I’d like to write something later this week.

To answer, just comment and type “yes” or “no.”  Obviously, feel free to elaborate!


25 Responses to “POLL QUESTION!”

  1. Rick Noush Says:

    No, just like the John Wall year, losing less than 3 games is what I call a pretty successful year.

  2. John Wilmhoff Says:

    A failure? No.

    Very, very, very dissapointing? Yes.


    no, but it will be heart breaking. to me anything less then a final 4 will be a failure. but to be honest we need the title. ’98 seems so long ago, i can deal with another final four and no title. its tough to win it all now a days and its hard to call a 2nd straight final 4 a failure. but being the program the claims to be the greatest until we add that 8th banner other schools such as duke,unc,kansas….. will hold that over are head! great teams no titles since ’98!

  4. Susan Says:


  5. Clay Says:

    No. But if we win, I will burn someone’s couch from 439

  6. Clyde Says:


  7. Big E Says:

    Not a failure, but it would be a massive disappointment based on the excitement and expectation level. It is time for number 8 so the anti UK people can shut it

  8. Joseph Says:

    Clay, you are not burning my couch. Not in my house. And no the season would not be a failure.

  9. meagatronKSR Says:

    I would be super disappointed & shocked if we don’t win this year, but I don’t think the season would be a failure. I just want to burn a couch.

  10. JCPostel Says:


  11. David Mulloy Says:

    Not making it to the final four would be a failure and not winning the national title would be a disappointment. The title is theirs to lose at this point. They are head and shoulders above every other team in college basketball. If they don’t win it this year the story line of the off season and next season will be “will/can Cal ever win the big one?”

  12. John Wilmhoff Says:

    #7 and 11- My thoughts exactly. It’d be nice to simply appreciate a great season regardless of how it ends, but it’s time to shut up the haters.

  13. takmashfan Says:

    No……a lot of times the best team doesn’t win it all. You have to be good and also have luck on your side to win it all. One bad shooting night can end it.

  14. Chad Says:

    I’ve seen too many great teams lose in the NCAAs to judge a season by one game -beware the Cinderella- This has been a wildly successful season no matter how the tournament turns out. NO

  15. Dylan Says:

    No….does anybody remember the name Billy G?

  16. Five 3's for Prince Says:


  17. Andrew Cassady Says:

    No, there is too much randomness in the NCAA tournament and the best team doesn’t always win.

  18. Rollin' Says:

    No as long as its not the first round or something

  19. freethrow Says:

    #18 Now that would really be a bummer seeing how we will almost certainly be a number one seed and playing likely the worst team in the field. A first round loss would put the entire BBN in a coma for a month or more.

  20. jdub Says:


  21. IamSaulSmith Says:

    I believe it will be a failure, we have the best team, we have the best talent. If we can”t do it this year, when will we? Heck of a year though even if we don’t. We hang championship banners at Kentucky, that”s why i cheer for UK and not U of L

  22. cats Says:


  23. Maxwell Says:


  24. Zeb Says:


  25. megan Says:

    No, as long as we are winning it is not a failure. Go Big Blue! Bring home number 8!

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