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February 19, 2013

The 2013 UK Season Dunk Contest

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One year ago the expert panel here at KSRcollege took inventory of a season’s worth of dunks in an effort to determine which slam was worthy of bringing home the fabulous Dunk Contest No-Prize. Over the weekend the NBA held another yawn inducing snooze fest featuring none of the Association’s top guys and if Eric Bledsoe had not been involved in the event my TV would have stayed turned off. Once again the dunks were disappointing. Disappointing like this Kentucky Basketball season. Despite our 2012-13 Cats not doing a lot of things on the court very well they have managed to produce some pretty awesome dunks but which one is worthy of the fabulous KSRC Dunk Contest No-Prize?

Here are the nominees:

WCS Takes Flight

When the dunk is the extent of your offense it should come as no surprise when you thrown down rim rattling gems. Willie has been a pretty solid dunker all season long but my favorite from WCS was this put back against Baylor. Julius Mays took a quick three that was off the mark for what seemed like an easy rebound for the four green jerseys in the paint. Boy, were they mistaken. Willie took one step into the lane before taking flight to throw down on Baylor’s entire team. Willie, much like the Cats, didn’t have the best ending on this one but it was still an impressive move regardless. With athleticism like that expect Willie to be a favorite in all the dunk contests for as long as he’s at Kentucky.

Honorable Mention: Dunking on Nerlens @ Big Blue Madness

Kyle Wiltjer Moves In Slow Motion For Ya

With Kyle being such a dead-eye shooter and crafty post scorer the guy doesn’t get the opportunity to throw down too often. Which makes the times that he does all the more enjoyable.  This dunk against Ole Miss may not feature the raw power or athleticism of these other dunks but it more than makes up for it with its rarity and majesty. Much like a good Nicholas Cage movie, you never know the next time you’re going to get the chance to see something like this happen again. Kyle cutting to the basket to cram for a career high is something everyone can appreciate.

Al-Po Crams On Duke

AKA the dunk that spoiled Big Blue Nation. This is what we wanted to see all year Alex with him shooting in for a monster rebound, a loud guttural scream and follow it up with a slam on a hated foe. Beast Mode was unleashed in that one moment. Unfortunately that level of effort and attack hasn’t been seen often since but its still nice to look back and think about all the jams that could have been this year. Perhaps we will get to see some more going forward but who knows. For now we can simple marvel at this dunk and wonder why we haven’t seen more and more.

Honorable Mention: Down the Lane Against Maryland

Nerlens Noel Serves Up Some Tea

Everyone take a moment to pour out your beverage of choice for Noel and the awesome dunks he brought to Lexington this season. Noel had a ton of great finishes this year but was there any better than this one where he elevated over some pour chap for Auburn? After being gifted a backwards bowtie the guy should have just left the arena and quit playing basketball because there is no way to recover from a cram like that. He will never be the same player again. Best wishes to Noel, hopefully he’ll be back to dunking on people sooner rather than later.

Honorable Mention: Dunking on Stone Cold Willow at the blue courts.

Archie Goodwin Makes a Poster

Poor Portland. Not only were they a finalist last year for aiding MKG with an impressive jam but they’re back this year on the receiving end of  Archie Goodwin’s finest hour. Goodwin has had some great dunks this year even if half of them didn’t count due to his propensity to charge. So many dunks could have landed in this nominee spot but how can you top this? Heck, it even got Ryan Harrow fired up. Goodwin making yet another poster out of Portland is sure to be a favorite for this year’s fabulous KSRC Dunk Contest No-Prize.


So what dunk from this year has been your favorite? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @ACassady_KSR

5 Responses to “The 2013 UK Season Dunk Contest”

  1. Ms. J.C. Ausmus Says:

    I vote the WCS dunk with the Wiljter jump coming in close second.

  2. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Love all the dunks but dunks, in general, have lost a lot of their cache. And the reason is that everyone can do them. Well, maybe not everyone but close to it. Every high schooler, JC’er, and D-1’er. At one time a dunk was a big deal; now, ho hum. At some point the rims have to be raised. It’s getting to be dangerous for the players. They’ll be banging their heads on the rims and backboards. You get called for goal-tending if the ball is on the way down. Did Noel ever take a shot that wasn’t on the way down? The game is going to get to be not much fun for the players if the rims stay at 10 ft. When the game was invented no one even considered the possibility of a dunk. Things have changed and someday, the height of the rim will have to change.

    I would like to think that was my only rant for the day and thanks for the opportunity but in all likelihood, there will be more.

  3. kentuckyjoe Says:

    I meant ‘cachet’. I’m a computer guy and I’m used to seeing the word cache.

  4. Cass Says:

    JC- I like the WCS dunk but him falling down at the end takes away some of the appeal. I love Archie dunkfacing that guy

    KYJoe-Not everyone can dunk with ease. Ryan Harrow never goes up for great dunks. Just because we have had so many great dunks lately shouldn’t diminish their impressiveness.

  5. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Cass, I saw 5’6″ Acquille Carr posterize someone. And we all remember Spud Webb, at 5’7″, winning two NBA dunk contests. There are more than a few middle schoolers that can throw it down. And believe me, Ryan Harrow can slam it with the greatest of ease. As can Jarrod Polson. I’m pretty much past being impressed by dunks. I now prefer a sick crossover.

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