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February 19, 2013

The KSRcollege Jorts Award: Week 15.

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You know, as I was sifting through this week (and last weeks) stats to determine the Jort’s Award winner, I’ve come to realization that there is only one man worthy to receive this week’s Jorts Award. Sure, he may not have “improved” this season, but he certainly made an impact in the Tennessee game on Saturday. Who am I bestowing this week’s honor upon you may ask? The man, the myth, the legend, John Robic.

In case you missed the debacle call during Saturday’s game, let me fill you in. The insane and slightly hateful Doug Shows in his “schmedium” shirt disregarded advice from a fellow official on the possession arrow and gave the ball to Tennessee when it was obviously Kentucky’s possession. Rightfully angry, John Robic (and his magical hair) sprang from the bench to challenge the call. Shows then proceeded to realize his mistake and threw Robic out the game for pointing out said mistake. Excuse me, Mr. Shows- We watch the game not to see you prance around flexing in your too-tight shirt, but to watch Kentucky and Tennessee play basketball. Back to the subject.

At Coach Cal’s Fantasy Experience this summer I had the pleasure to interact with Coach Robic. He is absolutely hilarious (he made fun of our fearless leader in front of us KSRc kids multiple times), and really knows his stuff. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed…. he looks like a Ken doll.

The fact that he apparently opposed the call more than Cal did, and ultimately was tossed from the floor shows me just how much he actually does still believe in this team. Papa Bear Robic came out to fight, but in the end payed the consequences. Also, if you aren’t following his hair on twitter you really should. There are some real gems… like this one:


So here’s to you, Papa Bear Robic. May you and your magical hair gleam and glow for all eternity. I expect to see you wearing these Jorts on the bench tomorrow night. Tie is optional.


3 Responses to “The KSRcollege Jorts Award: Week 15.”

  1. kentuckyjoe Says:

    I missed the game (luckily as it turned out) and I heard JR got tossed but I didn’t know why. Now I do. Thanks for that. And, he’ll look good in his new shorts.

  2. Ms. J.C. Ausmus Says:

    The toss was pretty ridiculous if I do say so myself, kentuckyjoe. I could understand if Coach Robic actually did something, like throw a chair like Bobby Knight, or curse the refs… etc. But pointing out the mistake and getting tossed for it was just highly ignorant on the part of Shows.

  3. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Yes, that’s just wacky. One way to look at it is that he should have appreciated JR calling a mistake to his attention. It’s hard to see how a ref that is in the wrong can toss a coach for being right. I’ll have to watch for this guy Shows. In this instance we know exactly what he was ‘Showing’.

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