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February 17, 2012

Team 8 Hours > Team No Sleep

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I picture Kyle and Jarrod's cat naps looking a lot like this...



I’m not really sure why no one else is as concerned as I am about the fact that Doron Lamb has seemingly started a trend within the Kentucky basketball team to be a part of #TeamNoSleep. The concept, from what I gather, is that you can’t sleep until you make money. Or that while you are sleeping, someone else is out there getting better (thank you Brandon Weems’ twitter). Doron Lamb and his teammates are probably using the concept in looser terms, meaning they are going to continue working hard and sleeping less until they have “made it.” One can assume making it for most of these players would be playing in the NBA, or hopefully winning a national championship. I want number eight as much as the next person. I wouldn’t mind seeing all of our guys drafted to the NBA when the times comes as well. But I’m starting to get a little bit concerned…


Initially, I figured that #TeamNoSleep was essentially just a unifying phrase the team used to describe the fact that they were putting in extra work in the gym trying to get better. I liked the sound of the “Breakfast Club” better, but for 18 and 19 year olds, I understand the need to change up the name. I didn’t for one moment believe that #TeamNoSleep actually meant the players were staying up late and waking up early, while sleeping very little in between. Some of the players joked back and forth on Twitter that they no longer slept, instead taking “cat naps.” Again, I assumed that “cat naps” were more like 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Then I started watching Doron Lamb’s tweets with a more critical eye. Turns out he may not have been kidding when he became the ring leader of #TeamNoSleep. Lamb tweets at all hours of the night and then again very early in the morning. Even more troubling? When he tweets “Who’s up” or “Who’s still up with me?” many other Kentucky players respond. The two most frequent to respond? Jarrod Polson and Kyle Wiltjer. Those two are logging more than WBA minutes on #TeamNoSleep.


I’m all for the players on our team putting in as much extra practice as possible. With that said, I would much rather them be #Team8Hours than #TeamNoSleep. Studies have proven that you perform best with a regular sleeping pattern, usually consisting of 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The results of #TeamNoSleep have certainly been fine, for now, with Kentucky sitting atop the national rankings as the clear cut favorite to win the national championship. But I would like for the guys to spend the last month of the season catching up a bit on their sleep.


In fact, I have compiled a list of things that the team can do to help them fall asleep and be a part of #Team8Hours:


Watch a Big 10 Basketball game

By halftime, they won’t be sure if they are watching a football game or a basketball game with a score of 21-14, but they will likely fall into a deep cat nap.


Watch Tinker Taylor Toy Soldier

I saw that movie and I still have never once been able to say the name of it correctly. If you put a gun to my head, I could not tell you the actual title of the movie. If you put a gun to my head, I also could not explain to you what happened in that movie. Five minutes in I felt like I had already missed something big (not the actor’s forehead pictured above…I did not miss that). My two hours might have been better spent taking a cat nap rather than trying to play catch up and understand the movie.


Sit in the Vanderbilt student section for College Gameday


Scroll through a pregnant friend’s Facebook news feed


Jenelle is… feeling gassy. 

Jenelle is… wanting you to check out the creepy virtual ultra sounds of her 29 week old unborn fetus. She has Jeremy’s nose but I think she has my claymation eyes. 

Jenelle is… looking up pinteresting projects on Pinterest for the baby’s nursery!!!!!!!

Jenelle is… constipated. 

Jenelle is… ahhhh finally! So relieved! I’ll post awkward half naked mirror pics of myself L8er guyz!


Seriously though, Doron. I appreciate the dedication, but let’s at least start trying to get closer to 8 hours of sleep every night. Eight is a good number, right? Right.


@AllyTuckerKSR  Follow me, everything is alright. I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night (preferably around 10:30 p.m., Doron).






3 Responses to “Team 8 Hours > Team No Sleep”

  1. Luckbealady Says:

    Another great article ….. Very funny. But I bet your friend Janelle is PISSED!!!!

  2. Ric D. Says:

    Tinker Taylor Solider Spy was one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in a long time. Also big foreheaded fella’ is Toby Jones (he was Dobby in the Harry Potter films). That is all I’ve got…

  3. Sunny Thompson Says:

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