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February 24, 2012

KSR College Podcast – Episode 2 (featuring Corey Nichols)

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Yep, we did it!  We’re back with a second installment of the KSR College Podcast.  Before I introduce this episode, I’d like to thank all the people that listened to the last one and gave us great feedback.  This episode is still not perfect, but it is heading in the direction we would like to take it.  That being said, keep the feedback coming!  We also had the privilege of having a very special guest, Corey Nichols from the KSR Main Site.


KSR College Podcast: Episode 2


Episode 2 includes, but is not limited to:

– Still really intense musical intros

– A special trip to see @kristengeilKSR in Chicago

– Hanging out in the “I know a student section”

– Trying not to catch L1C4

– Finding our guilty pleasures

– A very special Twittertine

– A Tee Martin farewell

– Trying to not sleep

– What would the gang give for a National Championship?

– The Brow goes to Qdoba

– Finding our dream guests for KSR College Podcast


**Special shout out to our producer, Richmond Bramblet. Follow him on Twitter, he’s the man: @rbramblet

**If you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, please feel free to leave a rating, and maybe we can move this up on the charts so other people can find it as well!

**Another special shout out to Kidd Russell, a Chicago musician who kindly allowed us to use his music for our podcast. Check out more of his stuff at http://www.kiddrussellmusic.com ; Twitter: @KiddRussell

5 Responses to “KSR College Podcast – Episode 2 (featuring Corey Nichols)”

  1. Kristen Geil Says:

    I don’t hate listening to the sound of my own voice anymore. Great podcast guys!

  2. Meagatron Says:

    I’ve got to go to these!

  3. T sizzle Says:

    Good stuff family!

  4. Andrew Cassady Says:

    Cant wait to listen to this walking home today!

  5. Andrew Cassady Says:

    Another good one! 2/2! My guilty pleasure would be slam ball it’s basketball on trampolines and used to come on spike. Now i gotta watch old clips on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ouXw328WYI

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