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August 23, 2013

Welcome to UK Class of 2017!

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Today is the day; if you are an incoming freshman at the University of Kentucky, chances are you moved into your fabulous (or not so fabulous) dorm-room, met your roommate, said goodbye to Mom and Pop, and are now trying to figure out how to get across campus to Johnson Center Field for the K Week kickoff. Being a freshman on this big of a campus can be a bit intimidating. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest things I learned as a freshman that you need to know so you don’t make a fool out of yourself. Keep in mind, this isn’t everything, there is some stuff that you will just have to learn on your own.


Know where your classes are. The last thing you want is to be asking for directions from the Wethington Building to Whitehall with 5 minutes left until your class starts. Trust me, it takes at least 11 minutes to get from point A to point B, and that’s in sunny weather. Don’t even get me started on rain or snow.


Get a waterproof backpack, raincoat, rain boots and a really good umbrella. When the weatherman says Lexington has a chance of rain, just go ahead and assume that a hurricane is on it’s way and hunker down.


Don’t wear a lanyard. Just don’t okay. If you can’t keep up with your keys and your ID by putting them in your backpack, wallet, or pocket then you really don’t need to be in college. It makes you look like a freshman, and that’s the last thing you want. Trust me, I know. Been there, done that. If you are a girl, get one of the Vera Bradley “carry everything” wallets. You can throw your id, keys, and cellphone on it in various compartments. It really is a lifesaver.


Don’t wear really weird-looking clothes either. There was a girl in my Anthropology class last year that wore a sailor costume to class everyday. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. I don’t know whether she wanted to be in South Pacific or what, but when you pair that with a teddy bear backpack and heels only Nicki Minaj would wear, you look like you are five. Not eighteen.


No drawstring backpacks either. Nope. Just say no.

(Rupp Arena Facebook Page)

(Rupp Arena Facebook Page)

Go to every football and basketball game you possibly can. There are absolutely no excuses for not going to the home football games. None. Also, tailgate, tailgate, tailgate! And even if you don’t win the lottery there is always a way you can get tickets for the basketball game. Sometimes, on the big games, it is fun to be in the nosebleeds. Everyone gets rowdy up there. Last year, I almost got into a fight with a bunch of Missouri fans. Yep, it was fun. Also, you want to be at every game you can be to witness the run for 9.


Get acquainted with your good friend Willy T, and if you don‘t know what Willy T is, find out quickly. This is where you will spend the greater part of your college career if you do care about your studies.

People watch on a sunny day by the Patterson statue. It is probably some of the best fun you will ever have.

Don’t walk campus by yourself at night. I mean, seriously, you are just asking for trouble. Wait until you start getting the UK police alert emails. There is some freaky stuff that goes down on campus and you definitely don’t want to be apart of that. If you are going to walk around campus at night, make sure you are in a group of three or more people.


Email your professors and go to their office hours. I know, I know, this was pounded into your head by your advisor already. But this is an extremely important part of excelling in college. Go to them just to introduce yourself, especially if you have any questions in the class. It will be more helpful than you know. Good relationships with your professors are the key to everything and asking for help is not a weakness.

Stay organized. Digital planners are okay, but I strongly recommend paper planners (I love the day by day planners). Get sticky notes, highlighters, pencils, pens, and plenty of notebooks.


Don’t buy your books until you know what you will actually need and use. I once made this mistake. Don’t follow in my footsteps and spend money that you will need for more important things (like food). Wait until class starts and then order them off Amazon or use this amazing site I found called Big Words which finds the cheapest deal for you.


For future reference: Yes, It will be on the test.

Any of you college pro’s have any wisdom you would like to share with the Class of 2017? Let them know in the comment section! Have a wonderful K Week, freshman. Welcome to the beautiful University of Kentucky!!!


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  1. Beatle Bum Says:

    This site used to be something else.

  2. Harvey Says:


  3. kentuckyjoe Says:

    Your rules and advice are far better than that guy gave at Georgia Tech frosh. Good work.

  4. kentuckyjoe Says:

    I meant ‘gave to the Georgia Tech frosh’.

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