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August 25, 2013

Don’t forget about Dominique Hawkins

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Since the moment Emmanuel Mudiay picked SMU over Kentucky, the BBN has been in semi-panic mode trying to figure out who will be the team’s starting point guard next season (exhibit A of why you all are crazy, considering the super team we have this year). With only two top ranked point guards unsigned in the class of 2014 (one who is 5’9″ and one who will likely suit up elsewhere), it is hard to paint a clear picture of what next year’s team might look like. While there are certainly concerns now that Kentucky has missed out on Mudiay (many have believed for a long time that he would end up a Cat), I don’t think fans should panic just yet. We still have a whole season to see who we will lose to the draft, and what kind of other talent Calipari will bring in next season.

We also have Dominique Hawkins.

Hawkins was offered a scholarship after his incredible run through the state tournament last year. Calipari saw something from Hawkins that he didn’t see from the point guard position all last season and, by signing Hawkins, made sure he would not have to go through that process again. Obviously, it would be ideal for Calipari to have a guy like Mudiay or Tyus Jones running the team, but it is becoming more and more likely that he will miss out on both (Cal must be cheating, right?). If you’ve seen the “Meet the Wildcats” videos on coachcal.com, you can see that Hawkins is a special kid who has had a special path to Kentucky. I believe the saying goes, “when one door closes, another door opens.” Folks have already been impressed with his fearless approach to the game and, with a year behind Andrew Harrison in Cal’s system, Dominique could be poised to take over the position next season. I don’t know about you all, but I find it hard not to root for the kid.

Obviously, a lot will happen between now and next season. It’s been made public now that Cal has offered Tyler Ulis, the aforementioned 5’9″ point guard from Chicago, a scholarship (due in part to the fear of losing Mudiay) and it seems as if he is now the likely candidate for the position. However, while we may not get the next John Wall or Derrick Rose, don’t forget about Dominique Hawkins.


In Cal We Trust.



19 Responses to “Don’t forget about Dominique Hawkins”

  1. SeaCat Says:

    Cal also saw something in
    Ryan Harrow…

  2. rickshelton Says:

    Saw all the videos. Well done and very insightful. Makes me realize that the UK coaches recruit based on character as well as talent. They are still teenagers but they seem to be growing up fast. I was surprised when Dakari Johnson said,”I have to graduate college.” (about the 4:10 mark of his video). He was talking about his accomplished family and how he wants to live up to them academically. Of course that doesn’t mean he will be a Wildcat for four seasons but what if it does?! I suppose it is more likely that he would leave early for the NBA and work on his degree in the off seasons.


  3. KSR redesign Says:

    Is KSR College getting redesigned too??

  4. kentuckyjoe Says:

    I’m wondering why no current posts.

  5. TDog Says:

    Is KSR college broken or something? It’s been 6 days.

  6. Lee Says:

    Have you all taken opening weekend off from football or what?

  7. NotSatire Says:

    Helloooo…anybody there?

  8. Johnny Says:

    So is this dead? A good bit of people like to use this site.

  9. Dik sooker Says:

    Fukin need to get this up and running again

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