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May 28, 2014

Fool me three times…

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“I might defraud a bank” 

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Until November 28, 2011, Randy Jenkins was an answer to a trivia question.  As the last quarter back to beat the Volunteers, he served as a bookmark, a reminder that despite recent history, you’re saying there’s a chance.  But since that date when the streak came to an end, and even a few months before that, Jenkins has had some tough times.

Since UK, Jenkins led a pretty normal decent athlete from the 1980’s kinda life.  He went to Dallas.  The Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys couldn’t pick a QB then or now.  Jenkins Finished his season at UK with 24 TDs and 53 INTs.  Right in line for a Dallas QB.   Jenkins was only their for a brief stint before an injury, and then settled into a construction gig for almost 21 years.

Jenkins later ventured out on his own and dove into an up and coming niche market in which he could put his current skill set to use; fire damage and restoration services.  This is typically good, fast, and insured work for the home/business owner.  Do a good job, the insurance company pays you, the contractor.  No hassle on the billing side.  Fair wages for you and your employees.  All should have worked out.  But as any business owner knows, the devil is in the details.

In short, Jenkins has since been banned from two states as a contractor stemming from Scott County, VA and Sullivan, TN charges that spanned 2011-2012.  His third charge came from similar fraud allegations during the same time frame in Kentucky and brought his troubling past to this brief spotlight.  Officers arrested Jenkins on Friday, May 23, and he was  transported by Harlan County Sheriff’s Deputy Hunter Luttrell and booked into the Harlan County Detention Center.  His bond is $20,000 full cash.  Happy Memorial day Randy and thanks for the W.


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