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April 19, 2012

Was Anthony Davis’ Season the Best in UK History?

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One thing I’ve learned about Kentucky fans is that we love to argue about who is better. Could 96 UK beat a John Wooden UCLA team, or Jordan’s UNC team? I truly realized how bad it was after the National Championship game. After celebrating on Euclid and Woodland, I was with a group of friends watching the post game press conference. It took all but 5 minutes for us to start arguing who is better, 1996 or 2012?

Now that Anthony Davis has been selected as our schools first AP Player of the Year, I wanted to compare stats of other Kentucky stars’ best seasons, and here is what I got.


Anthony Davis- 2012


PPG 14.2
FG% 62.3%
FT% 70.9%
RPG 10.4
APG 1.3
BPG 4.7


Dan Issel- 1970




PPG 33.85
FG% 55%
FT% 76%
RPG 13.1
APG 1.4

AP POY: Pete Maravich, LSU


Jack Givens- 1978


PPG 18.1
FG% 55.4%
FT% 76%
RPG 6.8
APG 2.5

AP POY: Butch Lee, Marquette


Kenny ‘Sky’ Walker- 1986


Not only could he jump out of the gym, he could do it with all of that hair.


PPG 20.02
FG% 58.17%
FT% 76.43%
RPG 7.66
APG 1.4

AP POY: Walter Berry, St John’s



Jamal Mashburn- 1992, Jr. Year


PPG 21.30%
FG% 56.7%
FT% 70.9%
RPG 7.81
APG 1.4
3PFG 43.9%

AP POY: Christian Laettner, Duke (still hate him)


King Rex- 1988


They say a picture says a thousand words. I could think of about 10,000 to say to UL fans.


PPG 19.1
FG% 50%
FT% 79.4%
RPG 2.9
APG 3.7
3PFG 41.5%

AP POY: Hershey Hawkins


Tony Delk- 1996


PPG 17.75
FG% 49.4%
FT% 80%
RPG 4.2
APG 1.8
3PFG 44.2%

AP POY: Marcus Camby, UMass


This is why we have the Greatest Tradition in College Basketball


These next two are old guys, so there aren’t many stats and the AP did not have a POY award at the time. And let’s be honest, we’re comparing apples and oranges, but I couldn’t leave them out.

Ralph Beard- 1948, Jr. Year


PPG 12.53
FG% No FGA Stat
FT% 59%

Alex Groza- 1949


PPG 20.53
FG% No FGA Stat
FT% 73%


After looking at these different players, I can’t say it was the best season by a Kentucky player ever. But what I can say without a doubt, that only Dan Issel, maybe Goose Givens, has impacted the game as much as Davis. If you’re old fashioned and hate that he just played 1 year, GET OVER IT, because that’s all we’re going to have from here on out. Unless you want Billy G back.

Now that the stats are out there, what do you think? Was this the best performance we’ve seen in Kentucky in 109 years? You decide, blow up this comment section, I’m ready to read some arguments.


The one argument we can all agree on, is who’s the best tweeter, @RoushKSR

3 Responses to “Was Anthony Davis’ Season the Best in UK History?”

  1. SuperCats Says:

    UK has won with great teams
    Not individuals, like UCLA
    This supports that idea

  2. nobody Says:


  3. Sheriff Buford T. Justice Says:

    You also have to factor in Davis’ defensive impact, which is difficult to measure statistically. If we’re talking about one season, which the title implies, I think its hard to argue against AD.

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