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January 30, 2012

Top 5 After Hours Eateries at UK

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Its the weekend, you and your friends have spent a night out on the town, and all of a sudden you are overtaken by a ravenous hunger. As you undoubtedly know, the only type of food which fully satisfies these cravings is absolutely linked to most forms of heart disease. That being said, if you’ve hit the late night food wall, you’re probably living in the moment anyway, so why care about longevity?


As an experienced late night food consumer, I am proud to present to you, this week’s edition of TOP 5


5. Mad Mushroom Pizza

A campus favorite. Cheap, reliable, delicious, and cheap. What more needs to be said?

Recommendation: Slam Dunk Special – X-Large pizza with large cheezestix


4. Jimmy John’s

Occasionally there are times when you are not only hungry, but also have lost the will to move. It’s times like this when you can call Jimmy John’s for a delicious delivery alternative to pizza (if a guy named “Swan” delivers your food, tell him you’re a friend of mine, he’ll take good care of you)

Recommendation: #9 Italian Night Club


3. Taco Bell

The only reason the holy grail of late night food isn’t higher on my list is because of its proximity (or lack there of) to campus, but sometimes no other food will do. Follow your heart to the place where dreams come true.

Recommendation: Everything.


2. Qd(r)oba

This place is almost the complete package: Burritos, chips+queso, and a centralized location slots the Doba at number two on my list.

Recommendation: Three words – Chicken, Queso, Burrito


1. Tolly-Ho

Mecca. Everything you’ve ever wanted at 3 AM. With a tradition unlike any other, Tolly-Ho is the only restaurant that is fit to be known as a UK classic.

Recommendation: Tolly-Ho and cheese fries (a friend or two who have your back wouldn’t hurt)


That is all. Did I forget anywhere else? Let me know in the comment section

NOTE: If you think that Cane’s belongs on this list, you are clearly an amateur. Everyone knows that Cane’s is a pre-game meal, not a post-game meal.


10 Responses to “Top 5 After Hours Eateries at UK”

  1. David Mulloy Says:

    Qdoba’s breakfast burritos are unbelievably good, especially at 3 in the morning.

  2. John Wilmhoff Says:

    Nice list, but can only one pizza place make the top 5? I nominate Goodfellas for at least honorable mention.

  3. Andrew Cassady Says:

    ^^^This. Goodfella’s is the best late at night. Also if you can drive Indi’s or Richie’s have the best chicken in Kentucky and they are open til 1 on the weekends.

  4. JCPostel Says:

    I realize I stand alone on this. But, Sir Pizza, no?

  5. Chris Jones Says:

    2. Agreed, Goodfellas is solid.
    3. Indi’s chicken is God’s work, but quite out of the way from UK’s campus
    4. You are not alone. SIR PIZZA is delicious. However, I was unaware that anybody other than my close friends and I have eaten there haha

  6. Rick Noush Says:

    You guys got it all wrong. Sorry but Mad Mush cheese sticks are the foundation to an inebriated person’s bad decision making, by ordering an XL at 2:30 in the morning. It has to take the cake because nobody delivers later, and nobody wants to go anywhere that late at night.

  7. Andrew Cassady Says:

    Sir Pizza is awesome, but it’s so expensive. You gotta pay like $15 bucks for a medium! For that i could get 3 Little Ceasers or mad mush pizza and cheese stix.

  8. JCPostel Says:

    @5 – At least we know it’s us keeping Sir Pizza open late.
    @6 – Spot on about Mad Mushrooms cheese bread. It’s a cheese pizza without the sauce. $.
    @3 – Goodfellas is great if you don’t mind getting thrown up on in line or watching street fights while you wait. The small store (downtown/not 2keys) is too closed in for the abundance of intoxicated alpha-males who stagger in after last call.

  9. Wilder Treadway Says:

    Tolly Ho is definitely good to go to late night, but I really miss when it was at it’s old location on Limestone. Now it’s definitely more of a trek, for when you’re not able to drive. Mad Mush is clutch fordayz.

  10. The World of pizza Says:

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