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February 2, 2012

Blog So Hard…LIVE Update from UK Hoops vs Ole Miss

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UK Hoops versus Ole Miss #allcatseverything

POSTGAME: Ole Miss Coach Renee Ladner says Kentucky is “best team in the conference”, “a team on a mission”, and “the hardest team to play against.” Crazy respect for the Wildcats among the SEC.

POSTGAME: Goss leads the team with 19, Evans had 12 points and 7 steals, Mathies and Walker both had 11. 11 total players scored, very impressive. Mitchell says the 16 year old girl who sang the National Anthem brought him to tears, and was the best performance ever at Memorial Coliseum.

POSTGAME: Yes, the game is over, but no, my excitement is not. Coach Mitchell is extremely pleased with the way the Cats fought to win and very proud of their effort. The biggest news of the night: Tennessee loses at home 64-60 to South Carolina, giving the Cats a 2 game lead in the loss column for 1st place in the SEC. This was Tennessee’s first SEC loss at home since 2008 and South Carolina had never won in Knoxville. This puts UK firmly in the drivers seat for their first SEC championship since 1983. HUGE.

FINAL: UK wins 82 to 41. UK wraps up a win here at Memorial tonight, impressive performance put together by the Cats. The defense was on point, forcing a new SEC high 36 turnovers. The offense could have been better, but for Ole Miss’ sake it wasn’t. Press conference here we come, Hayley Minogue will wrap up the game later tonight, and will feature a UK Hoops player as well, stay tuned! STOP THE PRESS WE JUST FOUND OUT TENNESSEE HAS LOST AT HOME TO SOUTH CAROLINA, THIS IS HUGE FOR UK’S CHANCES AT AN SEC REGULAR SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP AHHHHHHHH

2nd Half, 3:40: Freshman Bria Goss in total control here with 19 points, she seems like the go to player. Defense is playing volleyball, slapping every lose ball they can get. This is Kentucky Basketball at it’s finest. Cats up 76-39.

2nd Half, 6:49: Good to see UK take Coach Mitchell’s frustration about how they react to physical play to heart as they are sucking all life out of the Rebels in the 2nd half. Also word is Murray State is down double digits at home in the first half, with Matt Jones and Co. in attendance. KSR curse??? Cats up 68-39.

2nd Half, 9:37: Ole Miss is out of breath, out of energy, and seems to be out of life. UK has totally worn them down, they aren’t the team that started this game that’s for sure. Even their bench has calmed down. Defense has forced 28 turnovers so far, and the fans continue to throw up the 3 goggles as their raining from trey-ville (did I just say that?). UK leads Ole Miss 64-36.

2nd Half, 10:43: Cats continue to score basically whenever they want, and Ole Miss seems to be opposed to defensive rebounding. Goss and Walker have definitely been the stars so far, both scoring in double digits, but it’s without a doubt been an overall team effort. Cats up 21.

2nd Half, 14:47: The guy who shot the Papa John’s free throw shot just airballed it…this is my face= -____- Bra’shey Ali, a Freshman from New Jersey is in for the first time in 10 games, she’s been out due to a “coaches decision”, whatever that may mean. Speaking of, Azia Bishop didn’t dress tonight due to team violation. Coach Mitchell cracks a hard whip. Cats up 51-32.

2nd Half, 16:16: UK keeping the pressure on on the offensive side of the ball to start the half, with Goss hitting a 3 and Henderson laying the ball up after an offensive rebound. Hayley and I just got a picture with Scratch, and KSRCollege will be happy when they see it. Cats up 44-32.

2nd Half, 20:00: We’ll start the 2nd half here shortly, while one of the tuba players in the pep band looks to be having a seizure he’s moving around with excitement so much. 8 players scored for UK in the first half, we roll deep.

HALFTIME: Stat of the first: Cats force the Rebels into 20 turnovers. There were many times when Ole Miss just didn’t know what to do with the ball when UK was pressuring them, I have a feeling they aren’t the only team that would react like that. Having Amber Smith in your face yelling would be quite terrifying.

HALFTIME: Cats lead at the half 37-23. Bria Goss literally almost hit a 3/4 shot at the buzzer, so close. UK closed well, we’ll see if they can avoid the second half letdowns they’ve had the past couple of home games.

1st Half, :50.8: It’s gettin’ feisty here in Memorial. Ole Miss’ coach just yelled at her own player #20, standing right in front of us, the following: “Amber, get your ass back!!!” Hayley and I proceeded to cower in our seats. Lots of energy by UK, good sign. Cats up 37-23.

1st Half, 3:53: UK definitely has found their groove offensively, being led by Bria  Goss and her 9 points. Ole Miss seems ticked off and will probably revert to the strategy Alabama had of  playing as physical as possible, we’ll see if the Cats react better than last time. Cats up 31-21.

1st Half, 5:58: Cats seem to be picking it up. Bria Goss has definitely been a spark of energy for both the team and the crowd. UK has also gotten a handful of good offensive rebounds so far from both Henderson and Walker. Evans just deflected an easy layup on defense and Henderson leaped off of the bench she was so pumped up. This is the team we all know and love. Cats up 29-18.

1st Half, 8:30: Slop ball city. This game is making Hayley and I cringe. It’s mixed with a lot of running, a lot of pushing, a lot of screaming from the players, refs, and the fans…but not much production. Cats should be up by at least 6 right now but have missed a few easy layups. Wildcats lead 20-18. 

1st Half, 11:49: Every member of the Rebel bench is delusionally thinking they are the head coach. A guy at the end of the bench was yelling his lungs out about a so-called travel call and the referee told the real head coach to shut him up….I’m in love. Verrrry messy game so far, but very entertaining as well. Still tied 14-14.

1st Half, 13:38: The jacket has come off the Rebel’s coach, and I’m still scared. The Cats are playing inconsistently, playing good periods of defense then losing it at the end, combined with sloppy offense. Fun, but rough game so far. Coach Mitchell is wearing a brown suit, and I’m still obsessed with him. Game tied 12-12.

1st Half, 15:55: The Lady Rebels are all about the box out early. Everytime we shoot a free throw their entire bench just yells box out over…and over…and over…and over…and then we make the free throw….Cats up 10-4.

1st Half, 16:43: Cats lead early 7-4. Scrappy game so far, but Cats have already forced a good amount of turnovers. Ole Miss’ bench is loud and crazy and their coach is standing awfully close to me #scared

BzZzzZzzZ: Henderson lining up against Marbra for the tip. Cats win it and we’re off. We just got notice that Tayshaun Prince is in the house. I can’t decide who I’d rather see…him, or Donna the Superfan… 

1st Half, 20:00: We were just sang to by an angel from heaven here at Memorial for the National Anthem. She was amazing, standing ovation, even Matthew Mitchell went out on the floor to congratulate her. Starting lineups get pumped #weareUK

1 minute till tip: Party Rock time here at Memorial. Crowd still filing in here but it looks like another sellout. Impressive that the past two games have been against the 2 teams last in the standings of the SEC, yet Memorial is still selling out. I see that devotion LexVegas AND I LOVE IT.

5 minutes till tip: Hayley and I really don’t understand why they play “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga as a warmup song….BUT OH MY GOSH THE WOBBLE JUST CAME ON #LOSSOFCONTROL #HELP

10 minutes till tip: During the pregame warmups Hayley and I overheard Samarie Walker complain to Brittany Henderson about having a test tomorrow. Here’s to hoping you ace that exam Samarmar (my self proclaimed nickname for her). Have I mentioned I love this team?

15 minutes till tip: Wilder Treadway and Hayley Minogue here doin’ some live reports from the UK Hoops game versus Ole Miss. Cats try to make history tonight and tie the 1982-1983 team for the best start in school history. They also try to stay undefeated in the SEC at 10-0. Ole Miss is 12-10 overall and 2-7 in the SEC so to say UK is a favorite would be an understatement.

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  1. Ally Tucker Says:

    Another classic picture. I hope you guys keep up this tradition (Wilder w/ the creeper face & Hayley kickin it in the background).

  2. Chris Cam Says:

    Ahh my cuh cuh is doing such big things. Love you Wildah!!!

  3. Insert name here Says:

    Not that it’s a big deal, but is there any way you could add the actual time to this? It would be easier to know how recently it has been updated.

  4. Wilder Treadway Says:

    Well I can say my last post was at 7:59. They’re usually as soon as you refresh the page.

  5. Insert name here Says:

    Eh, it’s just a thought. Just thinking from a viewers perspective, if they come in right now, they would have no idea when the last update was. Or in this case, at 7:59. If they see it says 7:59, they know that another update will be along soon.

    Just a thought though. I enjoy it regardless. It’s the only way I can follow the women play ball since they’re never on TV. Keep up the good work.

  6. Wilder Treadway Says:

    That’s definitely a good idea, I’ll keep that in mind for next game. Thanks for following, we appreciate it!

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  8. Insert name here Says:

    GO CATS! Get em girls, bring it home!

  9. Andrew Cassady Says:

    Great coverage as always!

  10. Caroline Hall Says:

    I <3 this.

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